Registration Open / Rapid tournament

04/04/2020 - Last update 11/10/2021


You are about to complete the online registration form.

Once validated, you will receive within 48 hours a confirmation message from us, inviting you to proceed to the payment of the registration fees. As a reminder, you will have two methods to pay your registration fees:

  • Make a payment by bank transfer, specify your full name and tournament.
  • Pay your registration by cash on Saturday February 27 before 1 p.m.

This last solution requires you to come on venue before 1 p.m. to play only at 4 p.m. We therefore invite you to favor remote payment.


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When you click on "Envoyer", you can check at the top of the page whether your registration has been registered.

Updates to the lists on the site are made several times a week but are not automatic. Please allow us a few days to process your registrations. If your name does not appear on the list, or is not on the correct list, do not hesitate to contact us after a few days.