Protocole sanitaire - 2021

23/12/2020 - Last update 09/01/2021


Objective of this protocol is to prevent and limit the spreading of COVID-19 during our event, including trips and meals.

This document explains policy and instructions of our tournament, and takes in account the last regulations from ministers, prefectures and local council applicable for the tournament. Palais des Arts et de Loisirs (Venue) respects current regulations against COVID-19 propagation. This document might be updated at any time as the epidemic situation changes.

Main principles:

Protocol will be applied throughout the tournament and by all attending people.
The best option will be applied to control any risk of propagation.
To respect social distancing between players, some steps will be managed remotely (Registration, payment, consultation of documents …).
Application and monitoring of this protocol are everyone's responsibility. In that respect, any failure to comply to the rules will be sanctioned by Organization with a warning and/or exclusion from the event.


Preparation of the event:

Individual responsibility statement

All people attending the 37th Cappelle-la-Grande International chess Open, players, chaperones, arbiters, organization staff, journalists, technicians, … shall provide a responsibility statement with contact details in which they’ll declare if they developed any symptom linked to the COVID-19 in the 10 days before the event. All players from abroad will indicate on the declaration all details of their journey (Locations & time of visits for all steps of the journey).

Organization will register all attendees and keep all their individual responsibility statements for 30 days from the beginning of the tournament. Statements will be made available Palais des Arts et des Loisirs and the authorities in the event that it would be required because of an infection case.

Communication and information

The Organization will communicate and inform about this protocol, to all people involved in the 37th Cappelle-la-Grande International chess Open, particularly the players.

Action plan supervision – COVID-19 responsible:

President of l’Echiquier Cappellois (Cappelle chess club) will be the appointed responsible for the respect of all measures listed in this action plan, and also of the latest regulations regarding the sanitary situation. He will make sure that the protocol is fully applied and respected and will register any incident which could happen during the event., He will take the required decisions to keep all attendees safe.

Personal protection equipment (PPE)

Personnel (arbiters, volunteers and personnel of Palais des Arts et des Loisirs) who will attend the 37th Cappelle-la-Grande International chess Open will be provided with masks (and gloves when required).

Equipment will be adapted to everyone’s duties.


Personnel in charge of preparation of different areas, of cleaning and of organization shall respect applicable work regulations at all time, particularly those liaised to controlling risks linked to COVID-19.
Personnel shall wear masks, use hydro-alcoholic gel and keep social distance as per applicable sanitary rules.

Preparation and cleaning before the event will be closely monitored by those accountable for protection from COVID-19.

Venue organization

In order to keep social distances between players, the following rules are established for preparation of the different areas, which are linked to the regulations for protection of people.

In addition of the regular material, the organization of the event shall provide enough hydro-alcoholic gel distributors in all rooms, mainly at entries and exits. Organization will supply when required and throughout the opening time to public.

To avoid gathering of people and obstructions of paths, there will not be information posted in the hall, all required information will be displayed on the following website:


Playing hall

Before any game and prior to authorized people getting into playing hall, furniture (chairs and tables) and all material required for playing chess will be cleaned and disinfected.

Tables will be set up in line in order to keep 2.5 meters between each row of tables. A minimum of 2 meters between each chess boards will be respected. Circulation paths will be 3 meters width.

Above precautions will allow 1,5 meters social distance between 2 players being well seated, which arbiters will look at.

Tables will be covered with tablecloth made with material allowing proper cleaning and disinfection with viricidal product approved by sanitary regulations.

Tables for arbiters and organization will be located 3 meters minimum from the closest chess board.


Corridors and entry hall

As for the playing hall, any area than people can circulate in shall be cleaned up and disinfected prior to being opened to public.

Entertainment and mess rooms

Tables which could be used for eating shall be restricted to 4 people maximum at the same time. Tables will be installed alone, and 2 meters in between will be respected in order to keep 1,5 meters between well seated people. Organization staff will make sure it is well respected.

Meeting & conference rooms

Activities which require chairs only (conference, ceremony, training, movie projection, …), 1.5 meters between chairs shall be respected.


Access to toilets is everyone’s responsibility.

Organization will put at disposal single-use hand towels, hand soap, toilet paper, disinfecting spray and bins to throw single-use hand towels.


Entertainment room

As usual, a room will be dedicated for entertainment which will be limited for fast food services (from the bar which it will be individually packed or own food), for waiting carshare, quick game analysis and game presentation by professional players.

Tables will be installed alone and restricted to 4 people maximum.

Tables will be numbered, and users will be placed by organization. Once leaving the table, chairs and table will be cleaned up and disinfected by organization staff before other people use the table.

Game presentation area will be arranged with a big screen, 1.5 meters will be respected between chairs. People will be allowed to seat for listening to game comments.

Game analysis will be authorized in this area with own chess board and pieces.


Circulation of people

Direction signs will be posted for all corridors and paths to show the flow direction in order to avoid people crossing.

Also, signs will be posted to indicate the entry and exit doors.


Welcome of the players

The number of players for the 37th Cappelle-la-Grande International chess Open will be limited as per sanitary authority recommendations in order to keep the safety measures acceptable.

Capacity will depend of playing hall surface. Taking in account all the modular rooms, playing zone will be 1850m² (Main, North and South halls, Rooms 1 & 2 of extension and stage)

Considering that players will wear a mask at all time in the playing zone and keeping a distance of 2 meters between 2 chess boards (side to side and back to back), there are 3 scenarios:

- Scenario n°1: Low virus circulation, 4 m² per player, capacity of 450 players.

- Scenario n°2: Moderate virus circulation, 6m² per player, capacity of 300 players.

- Scenario n°3: High virus circulation, 8m² per player, capacity of 225 players.

Currently Scenario 2 is the reference with a moderate virus circulation. Capacity of players is for now 300 players. Depending of the sanitary situation in France, the capacity might be reassessed up to 7 days before the tournament.

Registration is open for 300 players, then a waiting list will be made in case of withdrawal or reassessment of the capacity.

Playing zone will not be open to public, only players, arbiters and organization staff will be authorized. For minors, one chaperone will be allowed to access the playing zone and will respect social distancing with others and will have to stay seated on a dedicated chair.

Chaperones will stay in their accommodation as much as possible or in entertainment hall to minimize contacts with others.

Entries and exits will be organized in order to avoid gathering of people. Flow of people shall be kept as fluid as possible.

Any people having symptom linked to COVID-19 will not be authorized to access the playing zone. Temperature checks might be performed at the entry. In case a player has started the tournament and cannot carry on because of COVID-19 symptoms, the player will have withdrawn for the remaining games, registration fees will not be refunded.

The use of individual protection mask is mandatory for all players. Nevertheless, in case of medical certificate with contraindication, derogation will be granted.
This rule is also applicable for organization staff, arbiters and chaperones.


Meals and snacks

Snacks shall be kept in a bag at all time except for eating as explained below.

Drinks can be taken in the playing zone but 1.5 meter from others shall be respected. Cans and bottles shall be kept in the bag.

Meals or snacks shall be taken at a table either at the bar or at the mess room.


Ventilation of the rooms

All areas used for the tournament will be ventilated as often as required: Before and after the games, all doors will be kept open for 30 minutes. Also, during the games, all main accesses will be open to keep a minimum of ventilation in the playing zone. (Please note that warm clothes might be required as the tournament happens in February, which is winter in France)


Behaviour of players

Contacts between players is not authorized, so usual handshakes at beginning and end of games (nor elbow touch) will not be authorized. It can be replaced by nods.

During the games, players can move from table for a short time for stretching, walking, going to toilets or smoking outside. Players can also stay behind their chair to look at the game.

Stopping at another table to look at another game is not recommended in order to avoid gathering. In any case social distancing shall be respected. Players are asked to go straight to the destination. Arbiters will make sure of the respect of the rules.

At the end of the game, players will put the hand up and they will wait until arbiter comes to register the result. Players will sign their own score sheet only. Players will check the result registered by arbiter. Players cannot trade score sheet, pen or anything else, before, during and after the game.
Players shall leave the playing zone after the game and shall not stay without reason. It is possible to wait for carsharing in the entertainment room if seats are available.

If anyone shows COVID-19 symptoms, he/she will immediately inform the organization. A list of contact cases (people within 10m radius in the playing zone) will be made to inform sanitary authorities.

Players will respect barrier signs? posted close to hall entries.


Prize and closing ceremony

Any people involved with the closing ceremony will respect the sanitary protocol, and all awards will be disinfected.

Contacts between people is strictly forbidden.

The COVID-19 responsible of the event will give the awards himself and will disinfect his hands between each prize giving.

Prize winners will be allowed to remove the mask for a short time and in a dedicated area for the individual pictures with trophy. Photographer will be designated by organization.

2 meters between players and photographer will be respected.


Tournament medic

Throughout the tournament, a medic will be designated as tournament health coordinator. It will not be required to have the tournament health coordinator present in the venue, but contact will be kept with organization team to coordinate and manage any issue or doubt about COVID-19.


Recommendations for all attendees

It is recommended to travel alone or with members of  your  family or with people sharing the same home.

Players shall use mask when travelling with other people (In a car as example).

It is recommended to wash the hands as much as possible either with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel. Before and after a journey, when entering and departing the playing room.

It is recommended to wash clothes in a daily basis with hot water above 60°C.


Emergency protocol for people having symptoms

If anyone playing or attending  the event shows CODVID-19 symptoms during the tournament, organization team shall be immediately informed and will contact the tournament health coordinator who will contact authorities if required.

The person having symptoms will be isolated while waiting the test results.

If this person plays the tournament, he will quit it immediately and will be authorized to come back only once a negative result has been received.

In case of positive test, a contact case list will be made: All opponents, people who shared the same accommodation, or anyone who could have been in contact.

In the case that authorities suspend the tournament, all players would be informed and asked to go back home and stay in quarantine, checking their health. They will have to contact local authorities in case of symptoms linked to COVID-19.

People  must inform organization team if there is any evolution. Organization team will keep authorities updated.

Material and venue would be disinfected by specialist.